Are you trying to advance your career, education, or better your social life but feel your English pronunciation is

holding you BACK?


Accents are a part of your personal identity, a reflection of your unique characteristics and background. While often a source of pride, accents can also create breakdowns in communication causing frustration or embarrassment. You’ve worked hard to learn the language. Now is the best time to learn specific strategies, rules, and techniques so you can communicate using a clear and natural American English accent. 

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During a video chat, discuss your goals with your accent coach. We'll observe your current speech patterns and select the right program to get YOU speaking American English clearly and confidently.

Begin Your

Coaching Program

In your weekly 1-hour sessions with your coach, we'll practice the specific speech sounds and the intonation patterns that YOU need in order to improve your American English accent. Together, we will select vocabulary that is personalized to your professional, social, or educational goals so you can speak effortlessly and naturally in YOUR daily life. 

Become a Confident Speaker Fast

Our promise is to help you improve your American English accent quickly and efficiently. Save money by beginning a program that is right for YOU. Waste no time or money by practicing sounds that you have already mastered. Our goal is to help you become the confident American English speaker you deserve to be.


Quickly master the American English sound patterns and become a confident speaker with your fast, focused, customized program.

60-Minute Session: $115 

Package Sessions (6): $640

Package Sessions (12): $1,200

30-Minute Session: $60

Package Sessions (8): $445

Optional Evaluation with
Detailed Report:

How you will benefit

 ✓ Enjoy being an effective communicator everywhere, every day

 ✓ Leave frustrating days of miscommunications and missed

     opportunities behind you

What you will achieve

  • Develop accurate sound productions and intonation

  • Learn how to apply new speech patterns to your daily and work life

  • Improve the naturalness of your speech 

Added Benefits

✓ This program is intensive, allowing for rapid progress.
✓ Homework is assigned and feedback is given midweek so that you can feel confident that you are learning your new sounds the right way and are not wasting any time between sessions.



Be the trusted authority in your field by improving your accent and solidifying your presentation skills in a tailored program focused on your medical specialty.

60-Minute Session: $95 

Package Sessions (5): $440

How you will benefit

  Establish yourself as a clear communicator in your field

  ✓ Avoid embarrassment by using correct English pronunciation

What you will achieve

  • Practice oral presentations for clarity and effective communication

  • Use appropriate language for effective delivery of your clinical findings with your patients and peers

  • ​Gain language flexibility with knowing how to use key phrases to positively impact your audience. 


Prepare for your upcoming presentation and maintain your professional authority as you confidently use clear American English pronunciation. 

60-Minute Session: $95 

Package Sessions (3): $265

How you will benefit

 ✓ Communicate with clear English so that your message is not lost

 ✓ Keep your audience's attention by delivering stronger speeches

What you will achieve

  • Practice reading and delivering your speech with feedback for good pronunciation and speech clarity

  • Review your presentations for correct grammar and appropriateness of word choice

  • Learn how to interact with your audience with versatile language, body language, and tone of voice


The 5 Critical Elements of
the American English Accent
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