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Many English learners feel insecure about their American English pronunciation.

At Prime Time Speech, we work with you to improve your accent so you feel like a confident and effective speaker.

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The best time to improve your accent is now. 
Schedule your consultation today to start your journey of clear and confident speech.
You deserve it.   
- Lilly 


Accent Modification Coach, Speech-Language Pathologist

Meet Your Coach

Do you want to work with an American accent coach that knows what it's like to live in a foreign country and who understands all your challenges as a non-native English speaker?


Hi, I'm Lilly. I'm a San Francisco Bay Area native and I recently moved back to the U.S. (November 2021) after living in Spain for five years.


After living abroad as a non-native Spanish speaker, I empathize with my clients over the challenges of communicating with a foreign accent.


The fear of speaking loudly in a restaurant to ask for the check is one example of what makes me appreciate the sensitivities involved when speaking with a non-native accent. It was difficult (even embarrassing) when strangers or my peers didn't understand my pronunciation and asked me to repeat what I had said.


As your accent coach, my goal is to help you improve your American English accent so that you are understood the first time you speak and so that you feel confident when doing so. I believe your message deserves to be heard and that together, we can reduce the possibilities for embarrassment when speaking.


Compton’s Pronouncing English as a Second Language (P-ESL) certification
ASHA Certification

As a speech-language pathologist, I have been uniquely qualified to instruct people on how to pronounce sounds since 2007. Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, California, I worked in public schools and in private practices for nine years before moving to Spain in 2016.

Teaching American English pronunciation is my passion. It combines my extensive knowledge of speech therapy with teaching English - two areas of my training that I deeply enjoy.


As an accent modification coach and English teacher (I earned a Teaching English as a Foreign Language certificate in 2016), I have supported my clients with their language development, work-related pronunciation, and overall skills as an English speaker. 

Seeing my clients' enthusiasm over their pronunciation improvements and watching them become confident speakers in their personal and professional lives is a great reward. 

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